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Why ?

In March 2020 , the  borders have closed,  following the COVID-19 health crisis.  All our hikes were on hold, until August 2021 . So we no longer had any cash flow. But thanks to you, we managed to last a year and a half without income!  Sponsorships, donations, various aids... it was incredible! Today we need you again: the borders closed again on November 28, 2021.

All horse enthusiasts know that our equine companions continue to need care and demand a lot of expense. We estimate the cost of food (barley, maize, bran, alfalfa), bedding (barley straw), deworming and farriery at €120/month/horse . Not to mention all the energy, time and pick-up trips to take care of our horses. 

Our company is still in its infancy, we fought to get where we are because we left empty-handed... and today, everything is in danger of collapsing with the crisis. It would be a total heartbreak to have to part with our horses. The crisis lets us imagine the worst scenario. Which would we let go first? What an awful question. Where would they go? I fear the worst for them, if we were to part with them... 

That's why we're calling on you! Since 2015, Amazir Cheval has helped build a wonderful community around horses and travel. Many of you have repeated to us: "we will not let you down". A ball of hope shines, so we try everything!

We decided to open a sponsorship for our horses, which are the priority for us. 

Then, for those who wish, it is possible to contribute to the various renovations and fittings of our stable, always with the aim of improving the lives of our horses. 

Finally, you can also tip the team. So far, we have sent them some money every month, but it is getting difficult.  I remind you that the first objective is the horses.


By following this link, you will be able to access the details of all the donations received. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will write your initials. 

Go to google docs

How ?

That is by booking a hike despite the risk of it being postponed due to possible COVID-related measures. In case of cancellation, we will give you an unlimited time voucher, equivalent to the amount you paid.

Or by making a donation  monthly,  you can either  sponsor  a horse (specify which one) , or offer support to  the team.

By making a one -time donation , you can participate  stable work or a tip for the team.

We put horses first. Any donation is welcome!

Even € 1 /month... small streams make big rivers , they say!

Here are different ways to send us a donation:  

  • transfer of a one- time donation or direct debit/standing order for a monthly donation on our  Belgian bank account :

IBAN/RIB: BE63 3401 5089 9908


bank transfer.jpg
Present box


Whatever your help, we will be infinitely grateful!

You can deduct the donations on your next hike. You can also stay with us, discover the stable and our universe. A few surprises await you! Do not hesitate to come and talk to us about it to make it happen.

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Sponsorship  of the  horses

Updated on 30-12-2021

From €10/month, you can become godfather/godmother of a horse of your choice.  You can also make a monthly micro-donation (1 to 9€/month) for other animals (donkeys & dogs)

Objective :   120€/month/horse
By becoming a sponsor, you can deduct the amount when booking your hike. You will also be invited to stay with us... A few surprises will be waiting for you! 

Total monthly donations for horses on a target of 840€ 


Sapphire, horse, Arab, beard, amazir, Morocco, hiking

Godfather godmother


Laurence Chanez       20€

Ariane, Sarah & Michel     50€  


Justine Romanens     5€

Magali Seguinot      15€

Francoise Duchamps  10€

Ahmad                10€

Petra Rombaut         10€

Total :                120€  

Objective               120€

Star badge
Mistral, sponsorship, hiking, horse, amazir, Morocco, Arab, beard

Godfather godmother


Celine Trullemans      10€  

Veronique Pichon      30€  

Ophelie Duret          10€  

Patricia Deguelder      10€  

Justine Romanens     5€

Julie Clabots           15€

Michele Casejuane      10€

Michelle Veillon         10€

Severine Champie       10€

Fanny Legrain          10€

Total :                120€

Objective               120€

Star badge
Mabrouk, horse, Arab, beard, Amazir, Morocco, hiking

Godfather godmother


Gaelle Carlier           15€  

Dominique Roofer   10€  

Elodie Quercy          10€  

Pauline Conreur        10€

Justine Romanens     5€

Betty Valet            8€

Lora Petrus           15€

Mia                   20€

Sofia                   7€

Eric Lobera             20€


Total :                 120€

Objective               120€

Star badge

Godfather godmother


Birgit Weynand        25€  

Diane Schlaefli        15€

Sylvie Beauvilain       10€

Sandrina Dufour       10€
Adrien Arphel

Justine Romanens     5€

Audrey Benoit        20€

Anna Kerebel         15€

Total :                120€

Objective               120€

Star badge

Godfather godmother


Andre Cellier           10€

Camille Carlier         20€

Anne-Pascale Babut du Marès   10€  

Christine Bourgin        10€  

Justine Romanens     5€

Alex Schmitt        20€

Sophie Schmitz       10€

Katja & Michel Tournier   15€

Helene Van Durme   15€

Marie-Genevieve Without Rigaud      5€

Total :                 120€

Objective               120€

Star badge
Animals arriving after August 2020

When the sponsorship goal for our horses was exceeded in August 2020 , we dedicated the surplus to other animals in need. At the end of 2020, donations decreased and since then we have been under our sponsorship goal.


Godfather godmother


Virginia Charles        10€  

Maryse Braibant        10€  

Melissa Penina         20€  

Hanane Chernane      20€

Sylvie Naudet          30€

Justine Romanens     5€

Christine Capel      25€

Total :                120€  

Objective               120€

Star badge

Nostress is a horse that we often took  hiking and that we appreciate a lot, since the beginnings of Amazir Cheval. For unknown reasons, its owner has decided to put it up for sale. We got him back emaciated and with a kind of knurling on his forelegs. We hope to take good care of him,  get it back in shape.

Welcome Ourstress! 

Flippo and Roukie animals rescue amazir horse

Godfather godmother


Celine Chabaudie     5€  

Frederic Wilmet       1€  

Nora Van Baalen      2€  

Nathalie Brother         2.50€  

Carole Fardoux        5€

Caroline VanRoost   5€

Justine Romanens     5€

Total :                25.50€

Flippo is a little donkey of about 2 years old. Brahim bought it at the souk for a pittance. He is one of the many donkeys in the Essaouira region to suffer from the drought and the crisis. When he arrived, he was thin and weak. We also hope to get him back in shape and give him a quiet little life in the stable.

Welcome Flippo!


Godfather godmother


Alice (Picture)            15€

Mailys Lordel          20€

Justine Romanens     5€

Total :                40€            

Mazira is a baby, a little donkey, saved by the woofers of January 2021. She was tied to her feet by ropes which hurt her and prevented her from moving. After taking care of her every day, they bought the donkey from her owner to give her to us. Today she has an unknown problem, skin, legs. Come and read his story in detail by clicking here! 


Godfather godmother


Justine Romanens     5€

Julie Clabots          15€

Myriam Chevry       10€

Andre Cellier         20€
Agnes Bonzom

Marie-Genevieve Without Rigaud  25€

Sofia                10€

Anne-Fr . & Celia Everaert     10€

Ingrid Vogel           5€

Maria Teresa Spath     10€

Total :                120€  

Objective               120€

Star badge

Amoudou arrived at the stable in October 2021.

The borders had been open since June, reservations were skyrocketing... Then, at the end of November, the borders closed for a third time... We are not certain of keeping this horse unfortunately, for financial reasons, especially with this new closing of the borders... He is a beautiful horse, promising, very nice and with a beautiful morphology. It would be a miracle to be able to keep it...!  

1) Participation in stable work

We have been building a stable for several years to improve the living conditions of our horses. Before, Saphir and Mistral lived near the goats, in a closed place. They lived for a while  tied outside, too. As soon as we had the means, we started the work. Here is a presentation of the progress, follow-up of future projects and funding needs. Some are urgent, and if the borders continue to be closed, we will not be able to fund them. Here is a small slideshow  taking up the construction of our stable, which we have financed ourselves until today, with our small means:

juin 2018.jpeg

Once upon a time...

In June 20 18, Brahim inherited this piece of land. Very quickly, he began to dream of a stable...

Here is the work we have already done thanks to all your donations ( €3,860.00 ; see details here )

✔ Build a room with a kitchenette and a toilet

✔ Build a waterproof roof over the boxes

✔ Finish building the tack room and the 6th boxing

✔ Build paddock barrier and consolidate fences

✔ Buy 3 more jerry cans

✔ Build a stall for the 2 donkeys  

  Prepare the ground in case of rain: gutter and paving  

✔ plant trees, create a small garden

Here is the work that we still have to do ( 80 collected  ; see details here )

1) Install electricity at the ranch (urgent)

2) Install a water pump for running water  

3 Set up a chicken coop and a hutch

4) Continue the vegetable garden, plant trees, create a small garden

5) Build a 2nd living room (bedroom/living room)

6) Consolidate the fodder shelter

7) Build 3 new boxes

2) Sponsor the team

Our team is tightening its belt to get through the crisis, hoping for better days... We need a minimum to survive.  

If you want to support us, you can also "sponsor" them! The SMIG being at 300€/month, we set the objective at 1200€.

The priority is to pay the accommodation costs for the team and their meals .

Then, we dream of offering them a salary because they work  every day with the horses, to feed them, take them out, look after them and clean the stable. They are also responsible for transporting fodder and barley to the stables (approx. 35km one way, 35km return). Brahim, Hamid and Mohamed also do the stable work. They buy the raw material and provide the labor themselves. Basically, Hamid is a welder. Together, they are very handy. Abdeslem (our cook) lives in a small village in Ouarzazate (400km from us), with his wife and 4 children.


Total monthly donations  for the team on a target of 1200€


Karin Fourez         100€

Anna Kerebel         50€

Brigitte Rombaut     50€

Achaima Boufaied   30€

Ingrid Vogel          25€

Savina De Laveleye  20€

Isabelle Picrit        15€

Juliette Meurillon     15€

Godfather godmother


Hanane Chernane   10€

Maurine Warnier      5€

Charlotte Magis       5€

Total :                325€  

Objective               1200€

Pool that covered the month of April-May-June-July-August 2020:

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Last updated on 30-12-2021

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