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Why ?

In March 2020 , the  borders have closed,  following the COVID-19 health crisis.  All our hikes were on hold, until August 2021 . So we no longer had any cash flow. But thanks to you, we managed to last a year and a half without income!  Sponsorships, donations, various aids... it was incredible! Today we need you again: the borders closed again on November 28, 2021.

All horse enthusiasts know that our equine companions continue to need care and demand a lot of expense. We estimate the cost of food (barley, maize, bran, alfalfa), bedding (barley straw), deworming and farriery at €120/month/horse . Not to mention all the energy, time and pick-up trips to take care of our horses. 

Our company is still in its infancy, we fought to get where we are because we left empty-handed... and today, everything is in danger of collapsing with the crisis. It would be a total heartbreak to have to part with our horses. The crisis lets us imagine the worst scenario. Which would we let go first? What an awful question. Where would they go? I fear the worst for them, if we were to part with them... 

That's why we're calling on you! Since 2015, Amazir Cheval has helped build a wonderful community around horses and travel. Many of you have repeated to us: "we will not let you down". A ball of hope shines, so we try everything!

We decided to open a sponsorship for our horses, which are the priority for us. 

Then, for those who wish, it is possible to contribute to the various renovations and fittings of our stable, always with the aim of improving the lives of our horses. 

Finally, you can also tip the team. So far, we have sent them some money every month, but it is getting difficult.  I remind you that the first objective is the horses.


By following this link, you will be able to access the details of all the donations received. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will write your initials. 

Go to google docs

How ?

That is by booking a hike despite the risk of it being postponed due to possible COVID-related measures. In case of cancellation, we will give you an unlimited time voucher, equivalent to the amount you paid.

Or by making a donation  monthly,  you can either  sponsor  a horse (specify which one) , or offer support to  the team.

By making a one -time donation , you can participate  stable work or a tip for the team.

We put horses first. Any donation is welcome!

Even € 1 /month... small streams make big rivers , they say!

Here are different ways to send us a donation:  

  • transfer of a one- time donation or direct debit/standing order for a monthly donation on our  Belgian bank account :

IBAN/RIB: BE63 3401 5089 9908


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