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How ?

That is by booking a hike despite the risk of it being postponed due to possible COVID-related measures. In case of cancellation, we will give you an unlimited time voucher, equivalent to the amount you paid.

Or by making a donation  monthly,  you can either  sponsor  a horse (specify which one) , or offer support to  the team.

By making a one -time donation , you can participate  stable work or a tip for the team.

We put horses first. Any donation is welcome!

Even € 1 /month... small streams make big rivers , they say!

Here are different ways to send us a donation:  

  • transfer of a one- time donation or direct debit/standing order for a monthly donation on our  Belgian bank account :

IBAN/RIB: BE63 3401 5089 9908



Send us a maximum of 5 of your most beautiful photos taken during a hike at Amazir Cheval. Please note, if you send several, you must vary the theme. For example :

1 photo of a rider/horse portrait

1 photo of the bivouac

1 photo of a landscape with horses

1 photo of a meal


HOW to participate?

Photos should be sent

before July 31, 2023! 


As you can imagine, this game is not trivial! We are busy working on a brand new website for Amazir Cheval. Your photos will surely be published on our future website! 

HOW does the vote take place?

After July 31, I will put your photos online for voting. For the moment the best solution I have found is to create an album on Facebook. If you have other ideas, I'll take them! 

Voting will be open to everyone, even to people who don't know us. Voters will also be able to enter a draw to win a prize!

A voting end date will be announced. 

What are the GIFTS?

1st price: -50% free on the hike of your choice. 

2nd price: -30% free on the hike of your choice. 

3rd price: -20% free on the hike of your choice. 

For all theTop 20 participants:

-10%offered  on the hike of your choice

Be careful, ifyou participate with several photos, we don't carelet's take into account that the one who obtainsient themore likes. 

For thevoters(open to all!), a draw will take place, and 3 prizes will be offered:

  -30%, -20% and -10% on the hike of your choicex!

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