Themed horseback riding
Yoga, massages, cooking, personal development... themed hikes allow you to add an activity to your hike, led by professionals  !

Family hike (horses & 4x4)

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Bivouac avec les enfants

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Layla, 9 mois, repas de midi.

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DATES? For the moment, no family hikes are scheduled. Please contact us if you are interested !

WHEN ? this hike can be planned whenever you want, at your request . Be careful, if you want to join an already existing group, we will ask them for their agreement.


WHAT ? Are you a rider and want to share this experience with non-riders? Babies, children, companions, friends, the elderly... It's possible!

We tested it for you: non-riders follow stewardship in 4x4s. You will be separated only during the time of the horseback ride (+/- 2h30 in the morning and 2h30 in the afternoon). All meals will be shared, either in the shade of a tree on mats and mattresses or under the Berber tent. Nights at the bivouac in private double/triple tents.

HOW MUCH ? Non-riders pay 30% less than riders.

Add the price of renting a 4x4 (from €30/day depending on the model chosen), possibility of renting a 4x4 with several people and sharing the costs.



DATES? For the moment, no cooking hikes have been scheduled. Please contact us if you are interested !

WHEN ? this hike can be planned whenever you want, at your request . Please note that we cannot impose this option on a group that has already booked  a "simple" hike. It will be necessary to open a new hike on other dates (minimum 2 people)


WHAT ? At the end of the day, Abdeslem, our cook, will be waiting for you to prepare food with you . You can sit in his tent and he will explain to you step by step the secret of his tajines. You will help him to prepare and you will be able to take note of his advice. Don't forget to bring something to write!  On the last day of the hike or the next day (to be agreed), you will visit the market and the souk to buy spices and foods that you can add to your suitcase! As a gift , we will offer you specialties from the region prepared by Brahim's mother...


HOW MUCH ? We ask, in addition to the hike:

2-day hike: €50 per person

3-day hike: €55 per person

4-day hike: €60 per person

5-day hike: €65 per person

6-day hike: €70 per person


DATES?  from April 21 to 24, 2018! Reservations here

WHEN ? this hike is carried out in collaboration with the Belgian ASBL Equi-Libres , on predefined dates. If you are a group and wish to open new dates, please contact us.

WHAT ? Program to be specified: In the morning, at noon and at the beginning of the evening, you will be invited to participate in Taichichuan sessions led by Pierre-Yves, a professional in this field. At first , we will carry out this hike with nights at the hostel to facilitate the organization. We then hope to combine Taichi with bivouac hikes!

HOW MUCH ? The price depends on the number of participants. For a 4-day hike:

5 participants: €697 per person

6 participants: €675 per person

7 participants: €625 per person

8 participants: €590 per person



DATES? For the moment, no hike-magnetism has been programmed. Please contact us if you are interested !

WHEN ? this hike is carried out in collaboration with  Jean-Guillaume NARDI , dates to be agreed. Please consult us.


WHAT ?  Anchoring , breathing , managing emotions , taking your place, developing self-confidence and your feelings ...
If these words speak to you, this trip is made for you! 

Possibility of combining the Reiki or Intuitive Communication course.

To find out more , do not hesitate to download this presentation document (pdf)   :  

DURATION  ?  6 days including  4 days of hiking. Sessions with JG in the morning (Chi Gong), in the evening (recovery) and during the lunch break if the timing allows it.

HOW MUCH ?  720 € 

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Rando-etho & well-being


WHEN ? this hike is carried out in collaboration with Marie SUTTER , dates to be agreed. Please consult us.


WHAT ? Learn to observe and appreciate the concrete behavior of horses. You will leave with a booklet covering the various themes covered during the trip.

To know more about Marie Sutter, do not hesitate to consult her CV (pdf) as well as her website

DURATION  ? The duration of this hike is to be agreed together, with Marie SUTTER.

HOW MUCH ? Prices to be agreed

DATES? For the moment, no etho hike has been scheduled. Please contact us if you are interested !


Rando-Workshop Photos with Elsa Marchenay

When she's not in Australia giving birth to foals, Elsa travels  the world with his camera to capture the expressions and attitudes of the horses that inspire him. A self- taught photographer , she has been doing photo competitions, exhibitions , workshops and travels for several years.
His knowledge of horses will allow you  to learn a little more than "just" photography, it will give you the opportunity to capture the soul of our faithful steeds.


WHEN ?  Photo hike from April 7 to 10, 2020

+ optional retouching  April 11, 2020 (+75€)  


The photo workshop hike begins the morning of  April 7, 2020 and ends on the evening of April 10. Morning and evening shoots + advice from Elsa throughout the stay. As an option (+75 euros), on April 11, I will give a course on how to edit your photos on Lightroom and Photoshop , I will give you advice on equine photography and the selection of your photos. The workshop will be conducted in French and English.

DURATION  ?  4 days on horseback and 3 nights in bivouac + 1 optional training day.  

HOW MUCH ?  650 € the hike of 4 days and 3 nights
+ 75€ for the training of the  April 11 (optional)

Rando-Workshop Photos with Céline Bissat