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To book a tour

Please contact us to organise a tour, or fill out this form to join an organised tour. 

A tour is confirmed only when at least 3 people have paid a deposit of 20%.


Once your tour is confirmed, we will ask you to pay the total price of your tour 1 month prior your departure.


If you decide to cancel, we reserve the right to keep the deposit and everything that has already been paid to us.


The limit to ride our horses is 80kg/12.5st/170lb.


We highly recommend you to get a specific horse riding insurance cover.

If you do not have a cover, you can sign a discharge document at your arrival.


Please complete it, print it, sign it, scan it and send it back to us by email at the following address:


We will also ask you to pay a 20% non-refundable deposit. The entire stay must then be paid at the latest 1 month before it.

No reimbursement will be possible, unless you have personal insurance that provides for this.


Please note, if you weigh more than 80 kg, please contact us before registering.


We require participants to have equestrian insurance.

Hikes 2020

Here you will find the list of groups already formed, to which you can join (groups of max 10 people). If you wish to hike on other dates, please contact us so that you have our agreement. We will thus display your dates below with the mention "almost validated hike"


* A bivouac hike is only validated when 3 people pay a deposit of 20%.

* A hike in an inn is only validated when 2 people pay a deposit of 20%.


  • March 10 to 15 : Hiking (6 days) in bivouac, 650 €
    Still 8 places available !


  • March 18 to 23 : Hike (6 days) in bivouac, 650 €
    Still 7 places available !


  • March 25 to 27: Trekking (3 days) in bivouac, € 350
    Still 4 places available !


  • March 28 to 30 : Trekking (3 days) in an inn, € 320
    In project (not validated) -> contact us if you wish to modify


  • April 1 to 5: Hiking (5 days) in bivouac, € 560
    Still 3 places available !

  • April 7 to 10: Hiking (4 days) in bivouac, € 450
    + optional: WorkShop Photo with Elsa Marchenay + 200 €
    In project (not validated) -> contact us if you wish to modify

  • April 15 to 18: Hiking (4 days) in bivouac, € 450
    Still 8 places available !


April 23 to May 23: Only inn hikes (Ramadan)


  • May 25 to 30: Desert hike (6 days) in bivouac, € 850-950
    In project (not validated)



  • June 4 to 7: Equitrekking(4 days) in bivouac, € 450
    In project (not validated)

  • around June 10: Hiking (5 or 6 days) in bivouac, € 560-650
    In project (not validated)


  • July 21 to 26: Trekking
    In project (not validated)

from July 26 to August 4 October: Leave from Eid El Kebir


  • November 11: 4 or 5 day hike in bivouac
    In project (not validated)




Want to organize a hike on other dates?