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In Morocco, religion forbids animal gelding which is why you will mostly meet stallions. Moroccan people are used to dealing with stallions and the fact that they are stallions never causes any problem.


Barb horses originate from North Africa and are mostly found among Berber people (Amazigh). They are famous for their resistance, especially under dry and hot climates. They’ve adapted perfectly to life in the desert.


Their reliable temperament makes them the ideal teachers. Quiet, gentle, well balanced and courageous, they are also very energetic and enjoy working.


The Barb horses are great all rounders, fast and with great stamina, they are commonly used for hacking, but also make great show horses, such as for the Fantasia shows (Cultural event of North Africa).


Our horses have been carefully selected and trained. They are sure footed and adapted to the hard dry Moroccon ground.

Arab-barb stallions

Our horses

Saphir, born in 2012, is an Arab-Barb stallion with mostly Barb blood. He is still very young, which is why he is only ridden by experienced riders. He is well balanced, gentle, and loves to cuddle! He is a fast paced horse, making him an ideal trail partner.



Kimbo is a whole born around 2008-2012, with us since January 2020. Horse that we still discover, which seems strong and very nice. Surely an ideal horse for beginners but which can be appreciated by all riders.


Young bay whole, very promising. Full of energy, stepping forward and very kind. Given his young age, he is still a bit playful and needs a light rider. We reserve it for the moment for the guide. Horse born around 2017, with us since November 2019.



Mistral is a dark bay stallion, born in 2014. He just arrived at us! We can not wait to get to know him better. It is currently reserved for light riders because it must take a little weight and muscle.



With his head and his "pony" size, Mabrouk is quickly appreciated! However, he needs a good rider because he is still a little green and can have strong reactions. Very appreciated by experienced riders. Horse born around 2016.

Only five horses ?

Note: Only three horses ?

Well yes, we are starting our business! We had the chance to acquire our first horses. All the money made with our activity goes toward buying more horses and a ranch, little by little.


Which horse will you be riding then?

We work with individuals in the region of Essarouira. We get to rent fantastic horses, perfectly trained for trail rides. It permits us to offer you a wonderful time with quality horses.

Other horses available for the rides (Some of our partners’ horses)
El Baraka

El Baraka is a playful and smart Arab Barb stallion. He loves to gallop on the beach!

We recommend this horse for experienced riders only.


Annis is a beautiful stallion, dynamic and fast paced. He can spook occasionally, so he needs a reassuring rider.

Sanstress / Nostress

Nostress is as his name states: a stressless horse!
This beautiful chestnut stallion is very gentle and well trained. He is a great horse for both beginners and experienced riders.


Bob is a great, strong horse, he needs confident and experienced riders.

Shem's (Sun)

Shem’s is hot blooded horse, with a coat that shines like the sun. He loves running, and is sometimes a little nervous. He is great for relaxed and confident riders of all level.


Salim is a strong horse, full of energy. He is fast paced, loves to canter on the beach and knows how to show it! He will make your stay unforgetable.


Kalypso is a sweet, gentle and well behaved stallion. Great horse for riders who need to feel confident.

Itri (Star)

Itri is a beautiful and sweet stallion, you would love to have him a your trail parnter!


Sympa is a young stallion, who needs a relaxed but firm rider. Because of his young age, he can be a bit bouncy at the begining of the ride, but quickly relaxes. On the ground, riders have to be firm with him. With a great mouth and sure footed, he is easy to control. He is still a big baby!