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When ?

The next woofing will take place during the month of Ramadan 2022, from April 2 to May 2 +/-  

Where ?

We offer you to stay for free in our little house by the ocean, in Imi Ouaddar (Agadir) exactly, 5min by car from our stable. You can either go to the stable by bike (free), or rent a car (+/- 15€/day). A very small contribution will be requested for expenses related to meals, wifi, water, electricity, etc. (5€/day)

Accommodation conditions are detailed in the application

  April 2022    
How come ?

Please find out about travel conditions outside Europe related to your country of residence. Know that we will do our best to provide you with the necessary documents for your trip.

To do what ? 

We have a stable with 7 whole Arab-barb horses, 2 donkeys, 3 dogs, a small paddock where it is possible to follow the horses, work them on foot and let them loose. Around the stable, we have several circuits to train horses or go out for a ride and accompany customers (often beginners) with our guide. 

In addition to horse training, we want to share your experience via testimonials, photos and videos, so that we can give news to our community via our blog! No skills required, just send some news to Manon via whatsapp (or other means of communication). 

One of the objectives of this woofing is also to initiate/coach certain boys who work at the stable and who still have a lot to learn in the equestrian field, but also in terms of the French/English language. 

If a hike is planned during your woofing, either you will participate in the hike (for a fee), or you can freely enjoy Morocco. Note that our 2 donkeys must be broken in too ;p  

For who ?

This woofing is only for riders we know, who have already come riding with us. Please contact us. You have to be an excellent outdoor rider, independent, accustomed to young horses. You must absolutely feel capable of managing a horse that heats up, that could make little leaps of joy, possible deviations. 

We will be delighted if you also have skills in caring for horses (spotter, farrier, osteopath, dentist...) but also non-equestrian skills: handymen, artists & others!

You must be available for a minimum of 2 weeks, if possible more. 

We only take 2 woofers at a time.

The 1st experience of our woofers is described on our blog, woofing section  !

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