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      Horse ride & prices


Horse ride "in star" (nights at the rural inn with swimming pool) 

Discovery of Sidi Kaouki 2 days horseback and 2 nights : 220 euros

Discovery of Sidi Kaouki 3 days horseback and 3 nights : 320 euros 

Discovery of Sidi Kaouki 4 days horseback and 4 nights : 430 euros

Itinerant horse ride (bivouac or homestay)

  • Tour in the region of Essaouira

3 days riding and 2 nights in bivouac camps : 350 euros

4 days riding and 3 nights in bivouac camps : 450 euros

5 days riding and 4 nights in bivouac camps : 560 euros

6 days riding and 5 nights in bivouac camps : 650 euros

  • Hike from Agadir to Essaouira

6 days riding and 5 nights in bivouac camps : 750 euros

NEW 12 days riding and  13 nights in bivouac camps* :  1350 euros from 8 participants

   1450 euros from 6 participants

​From 7 registered, we offer -4% to all participants.

​From 8 registered, we offer -5% to all participants.

​From 9 registered, we offer -6% to all participants.

When a tour is complete (10 registrants), we offer -7% to all participants.

* This promotion does not apply to the 12 day hike for which minimum 6 participants, maximum 10 are required.

Les prix affichés ci-dessus comprennent :
Horse ride "in star": 
  • Your horse (A Barb Arab stallion trained for trail rides and to adapted to your level) and all the tack (Saddle, bridle, brush, saddlebags, food etc…)
  • A qualified guide, specialised in horse tours, who knows the horses, and the region perfectly.
  • 3 meals (Breakfast at the rural inn, pic-nic during lunch break and tajines or grilled food for dinner)
  • night in the rural inn (common room, sheets provided, supplement to provide if you want a room apart. Shower and toilet in each room, shared lounge, access to the pool  )
  • Toilet paper and water
Itinerant horse ride : 
  • Your horse (A Barb Arab stallion trained for trail rides and to adapted to your level) and all the tack (Saddle, bridle, brush, saddlebags, food etc…)
  • A qualified guide, specialised in horse tours, who knows the horses, and the region perfectly.
  • A cook who will prepare traditionnal Moroccan lunches and dinners every day of your trip.
  • A huge and comfortable Berber tent, put up by our cook and driver every evening. Inside, we have one mattress per person and a low table to eat. It is also possible to sleep in an individual tent.
  • We build a camp shower cabin for more intimacy when cleaning up.
  • Toilet paper and water
Our prices don't include : 
  • Plane tickets, passport and insurance

  • Airport transfer to and from the point of departure. Usually, we start the hike in Essaouira. The ideal is therefore to land in Essaouira, but very few lines exist with this airport. We recommend the airport of Marrakech or Agadir. Although, we can help you book a car transfer from our airport  to Essaouira. If you take it alone, it costs 140 € the round trip (from Agadir / Marrakech to Essaouira), if you are two: 70 € return p.p., if you are three: 47 € p.p. It is possible to join us by bus for a much cheaper price but it is a longer journey.

  • meals and nights outside the hike: to choose from. Contact us to receive recommendations!

  • Your riding gear : Helmet, trousers, riding boots etc. Toiletries, injury kit and sleeping bags are not included.

Here are 2 formulas that we offer (not mandatory) to take care of you from your arrival at the airport until your return. Prices shown are prices per person, from 2 people. If you are numerous, the price can be decreased. If you land at Essaouira airport, the prices will be lowered as well.

For the 12-day horseback ride, we offer meals and accommodations the day before and the day after the hike. To minimize the costs of transfers, it is best to land in Agadir and leave Essaouira.


return transfers + 2 nights in a beautiful riad of Essaouira, which will allow you to lose yourself in the beautiful alleyways of the medina and discover its many restaurants and craft shops: 130 € pp * (breakfast included) . The morning of the hike, a taxi will pick you up at the riad to bring you to the starting point of the hike.

return transfers + 2 nights in a nice quiet and family rural inn, equipped with a swimming pool, 25 km from Essaouira: 120 € p.p. * (dinners and breakfast included). This hostel is the starting point of our hikes. You will meet our team and the horses.

Horse ride "in star"
Les immenses plages ...
Dunes de sable
Petite pause
Prêts pour un galop ?
Cascades de Sidi M'barek
Itinerant horse ride : loop in the region of Essaouira
Saphir et Manon
Salim et Frédéric
Brahim sur Saphir
La tente berbère au bivouac
ciel étoilé la nuit
Anis et Manon
Paysage de rando
Paysages en rando
Brahim chez l'habitant
Camille sur Anis
Habitants que l'on croise
Descente vers la plage
Plage d'Iftane
Plage d'Iftane
Bivouac à Iftane, sur la plage
Petit tour en dromadaires
Petit déjeuner à Iftane
Florian et Calypso
Florian et Calypso
plage de l'avant dernier jour
grand galop sur la plage
cascades de sidi Mbarek
nuit chez l'habitant
Sidi Kaouki
Les dunes de sable
Itinerant horse ride : from Agadir to Essaouira

These few photos and videos were made in 2016. If you want to see more photos and view them more organized (1 photo album per hike), we invite you to visit our Facebook page Amazir Cheval

 Nos randos, en image ! (2015-2016)